“Buyer’s Guarantee”

“Within 1 year of purchase and in the unlikely event you are not happy with the property you purchased with us as your REALTOR®, we will list and sell your property with no brokerage fees. And, we will represent you to purchase another property.”

“All glory comes from daring to begin.”

– Eugene F. Ware

What sets us apart from other Realtors®?

Communication Dedication Negotiation

  • We create a Buyer Plan with you to help make you dreams come true!
  • We are dedicated to finding you the right property for the right price. We plan to be your Realtor® for a lifetime, 1 property flings aren’t our thing!
  • We go to bat for every dollar we can save for you. Let our 26+ years of expert negotiation go to work for you.

“Road Map” To A Successful Buying Action Plan.

#1. Determine Your Financial Readiness
We will provide you with expert lending advisors (at no cost to you). Do you know your credit rating? It’s easy to obtain, request it now.
NOTE: Financial institutions will use both

#2. Consider Your Mortgage Options. Here's a few.
- What type of mortgage is best for you? eg. Open? Closed?
- What mortgage features are best for you ? eg. Conventional? High ratio? Portable?
- How often can you make you mortgage payments?
- How much do you need for your down payment?

We will walk with you through this process and your financial advisor will help you with the rest.

#3. Mortgage Default Insurance
Enables you to purchase a property for less than 20% down. Once major provider is C.M.H.C. (Canada Mortgage And Housing Corporation).
Click the link below to learn more.

#4. Research Government Programs
There are a number of programs such as the “First Time Home Buyers Tax Credit”, among others, and these can change periodically.
Click the links below to learn more:

#5. Finding Your Home
Where do you want to live?

Consideration should be given to lifestyle, family, friends, work commute and the type of property ownership, some examples are Freehold, Condominium (Strata), Cooperatives.

#6. Making An Offer
What is an Offer?

- An Offer is a formal Agreement to purchase a property and is binding once accepted by the Seller.
- Offers to purchase a property can be made conditional on factors such as financing or home inspection.
- If any of the conditions are not met, you can change or cancel the Offer, even if the seller already accepted it.

#7. Closing and Related Costs
- How much Land Transfer Tax will you have to pay?
- 1% on the 1st $200,000 and 2% thereafter on the fair market purchase price. (Some exemptions may apply). Call us for details.

- Have you budgeted for the associated legal costs? An example is legal fees to register any mortgage on the property and transfer the title into your name.

- Did you have a home inspection? You will need to factor this cost into your Buying Plan.

- What other costs can you expect? Some examples include GST on new home construction, moving costs among other things.

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